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Fortin Culinary Center

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Fortin’s Café

Re-opening soon to the public for “grab and go” food.

Thank you for supporting the Food Bank’s local Culinary Arts Program.

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Culinary Job Training Program Online Application for Admissions

Fortin Culinary Center – Culinary Job Skills Training

The onsite Culinary Skills Training Program helps adults in need of permanent employment get the skills they need for better paying jobs. The program gives men and women the stepping stone to become self-sufficient.

Our program is based on the curriculum on a very successful program in Washington called DC Central Kitchens. Robert Egger developed those classes and has provided assistance with the Billings Food Bank program. The 12-week course is held in the Fortin Culinary Center, Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm and includes 10 weeks in the kitchen and 2 weeks in the community with actual food service. The 2-week community externships will provide placements based on individual interests of the students. In Billings there are many options from colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement centers to restaurants and hotels.

Course work includes everything from culinary terminology, knife skills, and food and kitchen safety, to preparation of fruits, vegetables, stocks, sauces, meats, poultry, pastas, and pastries. A special program called ServSafe is also included and will be taught by Food Services of America. Montana State University-Billings will certify that each student has completed the course. There will be weekly tests and quizzes, and for the final exam the class will plan, prepare, and serve a meal to their families and friends.

The training program consists of:

  • 10 weeks of on-site food preparation and classroom training, provided by a certified executive chef.
  • Food and kitchen safety guidelines.
  • They will be Serv Safe certified by Food Services of America
  • Coaching in time-management and basic job skills.
  • Weekly quizzes and tests.
  • Final exam students will plan, prepare and serve a meal.
  • 2 additional weeks of job shadowing at another food establishment to boost experience.
  • Students will receive a certificate of completion from MSU-B
  • Graduates of the program also receive help in obtaining jobs in the food industry.

Banquet and Meeting Rooms:

Banquet and meeting  rooms are for rent for meetings, workshops, weddings, birthday parties or any other special occasion for a fee. Catering for your event is also available for an additional fee.

Commercial Kitchen:

A fully stocked commercial kitchen is available for use for a fee.

Commercial Kitchen

Montana Harvest Kitchens is the first business incubator system in the State of Montana.  Such facilities have proven successful in the neighboring states or Oregon, Idaho and Washington.  The kitchens were designed to provide classroom space for expanded food and nutrition education programs and commercial space and equipment for entrepreneurs wishing to enter the specialty food industry.

The kitchens primarily serve the 11 county areas surrounding Billings but is open to anyone in Montana.   The facilities will accommodate groups but it is also available for single time users.

For more information on using either the domestic or commercial kitchen or the attached meeting area please contact Sheryle Shandy at (406) 259-2856.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  • True Reach Freezer
  • True Reach Cooler
  • 12′ SS Counter w/ 2 sinks
  • 10 gal Tilt Kettle
  • 80 gal Tri Leg Tilt Kettle
  • 40 gal Tilt Skillet w/ cover
  • Steam Generator
  • 6′ Bakers Table
  • 3′ SS Prep Table
  • 5′ SS Prep Table
  • Proofer Holding Cabinet
  • 60″ Clean Table
  • 115″ Pot Sink w/ Sanitizing Heater
  • Dishwasher w/ Booster Heater
  • 2-Roll Handwrap Station
  • Vac Pac Machine
  • 6 Burner Jade Range w/ oven and warming plate
  • Double Stack Convection Oven
  • 60 qt Mixer w/ 20 gal Adapter & attachments
  • 96″ Soiled Dish Table w/ Pre Rinse & Disposer