Shop the Billings Food Bank Gift Shop and you are not only supporting the food bank – you are also supporting the community. Most of the items in the Gift shop are made with love by both adults and kids in the Billings and surrounding community and since it is stocked by local artists and craftsmen you never know exactly what you will find.

Every day is an adventure with new and exciting products from trinkets to fine arts to treasures of love.  Visit today and see the latest additions.

The Billings Food Bank Gift Shop is a non-profit rural marketplace offering original works of art, homemade gifts, jewelry, clothing and more. We focus on making a difference. We support the people of the Billings community by selling their products in our little gift shop!

Billings Center for Social Enterprises

This program offers an opportunity to those that wish to learn to make arts and crafts and then sell the items they make in our gift shop. The social enterprise program is open to kids as well as adults and will provide an avenue to develop life skills that can be used to earn money and possibly gain employment.

Our focus is to help teach the underprivileged youths and adults manual and craft skills that will help them to find employment or it can mean teaching life skills and raising self confidence – often these general teaching projects are a mixture of the two!

Both ways help give the vulnerable a brighter future and a better outlook on life, a very satisfying result.