The food bank provides food to various client programs at no cost to the agency or to their individual clients. Because of volunteers and their tremendous support, the food bank is able to provide an abundance of support on a low operating budget. The daily operation expenses currently consume less than 2% of the total revenue generated.

The Billings Food Bank assumes a leadership role in feeding the hungry and delivering quality food and other products through client agencies, as well as playing a strong role in education and advocacy for hunger related issues. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer, please feel free to contact Sheryle Shandy at (406) 259-2856.

Kathy Whittenberger
President, Community Volunteer
Lee Nixon
Architect – Retired
Sheryle Shandy
John Gott
Phillips 66 Retiree
Sheryle Shandy
Executive Chef / Culinary Job Skills Instructor
Felicia Lehman
Charity Manager
Christie Lininger
Laurie Brogan