Current Needs

Donating Money

Donating money is as easy as CLICKING THIS LINK.

Food Donations

Suggested Food Items

Peanut Butter Canned Tuna Vegetables Macaroni & Cheese
Soups Canned Meats Fruits Ramen
Chili Tomato Sauce Dry Milk Pasta
Stew Whole Tomatoes Canned Milk Rice
Pork & Beans Tuna Helper Baby Food Beans
Hamburger Hamburger Helper Baby Formula Cereal
Fresh Meats Potato Chips Crackers Bisquick
Fresh Produce Baking Mix Jelly Flour
Fresh Dairy Products Bottled Water Jam Sugar


Suggested Non-food Items

Many people ask us if they can donate their surplus non-food items to the Billings food Bank and we are happy to tell them that there is indeed a need for non-food items.  Below is a partial list of items that are always in demand.  If you are able to donate any items on this list please give us a call or drop us an email.

Soap Toothpaste Kleenex Ziploc bags
Shampoo Diapers Toilet Paper Tin Foil
Deodorant Baby Wipes Paper Towels Plastic Wrap



Although money and food commodities are very important donations it takes many people to make the Billings Food Bank work at it’s optimum.  We are always looking for volunteers to perform a variety of tasks and we are grateful to all volunteers for bringing their varied talents to us.

If you would like to volunteer your services to the Billings Food Bank we would love to hear from you.