Commercial Kitchen

Montana Harvest Kitchens is the first business incubator system in the State of Montana.  Such facilities have proven successful in the neighboring states or Oregon, Idaho and Washington.  The kitchens were designed to provide classroom space for expanded food and nutrition education programs and commercial space and equipment for entrepreneurs wishing to enter the specialty food industry.

The kitchens primarily serve the 11 county areas surrounding Billings but is open to anyone in Montana.   The facilities will accommodate groups but it is also available for single time users.

For more information on using either the domestic or commercial kitchen or the attached meeting area please contact Sheryle Shandy at 406-259-2856

 Commercial Kitchen Equipment

True Reach Freezer
True Reach Cooler
12′ SS Counter w/ 2 sinks
10 gal Tilt Kettle
80 gal Tri Leg Tilt Kettle
40 gal Tilt Skillet w/ cover
Steam Generator
6′ Bakers Table
3′ SS Prep Table
5′ SS Prep Table
Proofer Holding Cabinet
60″ Clean Table
115″ Pot Sink w/ Sanitizing Heater
Dishwasher w/ Booster Heater
2-Roll Handwrap Station
Vac Pac Machine
6 Burner Jade Range w/ oven and warming plate
Double Stack Convection Oven
60 qt Mixer w/ 20 gal Adapter & attachments
96″ Soiled Dish Table w/ Pre Rinse & Disposer